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This document is an integral part of the Terms and conditions and concerns content of the Website

The shop at is administered by:  AMS ALBERT SZYBIŃSKI,
Obrońców Tobruku 31/86, 01-494 Warsaw, VAT PL5212863375, REGON 017423664, registered in the CEIDG register, keeps data of the Users safe and the information collected with Cookies files are used in order to administrate the Shop.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file constituting IT data that is used to browse the content of the Shop and is stored on the User’s end device (ex. on the PC). Cookies files that are used by  are not used to collect personal data of the Users. The User can make a decision concerning using cookies on his device.

Additionally, the Shop informs that the Website traffic is monitored by the statistics of Google Analytics. The purpose of such monitoring is gathering the data about how the Users use the Website and if it is popular. By using the Internet Website of the Shop the User agrees to have his data analysed by Google Analytics for the purpose described in this point.

Forms of the Cookies and purposes of their use by the Website

SESSION: a cookie that  is stored in temporary memory and is automatically erased after some time or when the User closes the Website or Web browser.

Purpose: i.a. improvement of the Web navigation.

PERSISTENT: a cookie that is stored on a User’s device until it expires or until the User deletes the cookie from his end device.

Purpose: storing information about the User, whereas he is a new User or has came back and if he has used the Shop through the Partner’s Websites.

THIRD-PARTY COOKIE:  A cookie from the partner services ex. Facebook, Google, Google Analytics.

Purpose: conducting statistics

How to enable/ disable cookies?

The User can any time change the settings of the browser, however different browsers have they own way to change the setting ex., in Internet Explorer 8.0 the cookies can be changed as follows: 1) Click in the menu “Tools” and than “Internet Options” 2) Choose the “Privacy” tab; 3) Move the slider up or down to adjust acceptance level for cookies.

In many cases the default settings of the Internet browser include possibility to install cookies on the User’s end device.

The shop informs that the disable of cookies by User can have an influence on the working of the Shop.

Which data is processed?

The Shop at processes the data given voluntarily by the User in order to receive actual information about the Shop.

The Shop is obliged to secure stored data and not to pass it on the third parties.

The User has the right to inspect his data and it is possible to send in a e-mail request for deletion or correction of the personal data.

Redirection to the other Websites

The Shop at  has links to other Internet Websites. The User visiting a new Websites shall each time get familiar with the Privacy Policy – Cookies. The Shop VERKLINE does not bear responsibility for Privacy Policy – Cookies applicable on these Websites.


In case of the changes in the applicable Privacy Policy – Cookies, shall be made modification to the above mentioned provisions.

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