Brake adapters (18ZR/ZL calipers + 345mm disc) for Audi S2

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Easy solution for making you car stop like a Porsche! There adapters are designed in 3D for perfect pad fitment on the disc.

They work with 18ZR/ZL brake calipers found in Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and VW Touareg. The fitment is done for 345 mm disc.

Adapters are 3D designed, CNC machined and they are made out of steel. The fitment is for 18 inch wheel.

– CNC Machined Billet S355 Steel Brackets
– Silver Zinc Plated
– Grade 10.9 Installation Screws
– Works with 18ZR/ZL calipers found on Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 and VW Touareg
– Works with 345 x 32 mm disc Mercedes ML 55 AMG (W163)

What’s Included:
– CNC Machined Billet S355 Steel Bracket Pair (Zinc Plated)
– Grade 10.9 Installation Screws for caliper and strut mount housing is included

18ZR/ZL Caliper Part Numbers:
– 7L6615149
– 7L6615150

The example part numbers for the discs are:
– ATE 24.0132-0114.1
– Brembo 09.7606.11

Pads to be used from 17Z brake calipers. The example part numbers are:
– Ferrodo FDB1626
– Ferrodo FCP1626H
– Pagid T5148
– TRW GDB1548

Notice: The disc center hole has to be rebored form 67mm to 68 mm. This kit is not compatible with Audi Sport wishbones.

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